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This coming Monday on the blog the beautiful comic hosts the beautiful game. (People actually call football that, right?) Three issues down and OiNK was the comic everyone was talking about. Don’t believe me? Don’t just take my word for it, here’s an advertisement from that week’s Whizzer and Chips as proof!

Co-editor Patrick Gallagher‘s renditions of Tom Thug, Street-Hog Hi-Fat and Harry the Head joined his own creation, Head Banger to tell readers all about the World Cup Special in this ‘Next Issue’ panel from #3. If you’re wondering what the chicken man is doing here then you clearly didn’t read the review for the third issue.

The coming issue also contains my personal favourite page of OiNK out of the comic’s entire lifespan! So make sure you don’t miss out by subscribing to the blog or checking for updates on the various social media, then be here on Monday 14th June.


Back in 1987 OiNK‘s popularity was riding high and merchandise was coming thick and fast. As well as the Pig Pack, t-shirt and mug there would soon be a much sought after sweatshirt, a record and even a computer game! To mark its release the comic ran the advertisement below (marked as ‘real’ due to OiNK’s penchant for fake ads) for both the game itself and the special 16-page comic that came bundled with Crash! magazine.

Now, fellow pig pal David Crookes has written an article about the game for Retro Gamer magazine #221 which goes on sale this coming Thursday (10th June 2021). David was able to speak with Jon Williams who programmed the game for CRL Software and they chat about its creation and reception. It will contain some of the origin designs, screenshots and Jon’s thoughts on how it turned out.

The issue will be on shelves in newsagents and supermarkets across the country but is also available for purchase online from Future Publishing who don’t charge for postage so it’ll be the same £5.20 as buying it from the shops. Just remember to select #221 from the drop-down menu. They also estimate a delivery date of 12th June so clearly they’re sent out on release day, if any pig pals are interested in checking it out.

Of course, you can expect the blog to cover the article once I get my trotters on it so look out for that later in the week.


To mark the 35th anniversary of the first issue of OiNK going on sale not only does the site’s real time read through begin later today, I was also invited onto Belfast author Andy Luke‘s podcast to wax lyrical about all things porcine. Andy’s podcast, The Drew & Look Show covers the topic of writing for all sorts of media, from film and television to novels and of course comics.

A fan of OiNK back in the 80s, Andy was eager to mark today with a special edition of his show and I was more than happy to take part. Andy has a way of approaching his subjects from interesting new angles, which made this a really fun way to spend an afternoon. In fact, we chatted for over two-and-a-half hours but don’t worry, Andy’s editing skills have chiselled away at it, so it’s a more manageable length for you all.

We cover topics such as the reasons OiNK existed in the first place, its origins in a Manchester library and discuss it in the context of the politics and punk music of 1980s Britain in which it was created. Andy describes the comic as a “sentient creature” and we discuss how as a whole it felt different in comparison to its contemporaries, how OiNK was much more a complete package.

We hone in on a few of the main contributors to the comic and the mark they left on us all, the humour they helped develop in our young minds and the impact it’s had on its readers as they’ve grown up (physically grown up, anyway) and in the wider context of the comics industry and beyond.

Everything is discussed, from its non-smoking and anti-bullying morality messages, which had an impact without feeling like they were messages at all, to its mail order brand GBH! We try to touch on as many of the characters and writers and artists as possible and we had a blast doing so.

So whether you’re on the commute on this rainy Bank Holiday Monday or are at home wondering why there’s no James Bond movie on the telly, you can mark OiNK’s anniversary by listening to us for a little over an hour-and-a-half talking about the best comic ever created!

The Drew and Look Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Just search for the name of the show.