I’m hugely excited about the rest of this year on the blog, especially in respect to OiNK itself. When this all began in the spring of last year I knew I was going to enjoy this, I knew I couldn’t wait to read my favourite comic, the funniest ever created in my opinion, in real time for two-and-a-half-years. There have been a few defining moments so far, such as #6 where it all came together and the comic settled into its run, #15 introduced fan favourite characters and recently with its first Holiday Special and the Crash special edition it was expanding further and celebrating its success.

OiNK is my very favourite comic and these are my very favourite issues

Now we’re about to hit another such moment in the life of OiNK, at least for me. While it’ll be highlighted with a different paper stock and a redesign to the front covers, these next few months are a special moment for me personally. Yes, it had changed publishers (as highlighted in #35’s review) and there are the cosmetic changes but issues #36 to #44 are the ones which I remember reading the most as a kid and there’s a reason for that.

I’d forgotten just how much I’d enjoyed these issues originally until I covered them for the old blog about seven or so years ago. Not having read them since I’m eager to get stuck in all over again. All my favourite characters and cartoonists were present and correct, the subjects were perfectly chosen, there were fun extras, the best Christmas comic I ever owned and of course it all culminated in that superb first annual, which remains my favourite childhood book to this day. It still makes me laugh out loud!

Everything felt tight, from the scripting to the art to the editing. With so much crammed into every issue these OiNKs showed what was possible to every other humour comic of the day. Every single one of these issues is a classic and each one brings with it personal memories.  If only the comic had stayed in this format instead of changing things up again in the new year, but we’ll get to that when the time comes.

For now, I’m super excited for what’s ahead. OiNK is my very favourite comic of all time and these issues are my very favourite of its whole run. I like to call this OiNK’s Golden Age.

It all kicks off with #36, the ‘OiNK Goes Peculiar’ issue, the review of which will be here from Monday 5th September 2022.


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