COMiNG UP: THE OiNK! BOOK 1988 & OiNK! #44

Way back in the mists of time that was June this year the special edition of OiNK that was given away free with Crash computer gaming magazine teased at a couple of upcoming treats for pig pals. The OiNK 45 record you can check out in its entirety already on the blog. As for the other part of the announcement, I was thrilled to see that plasticine piggy face for the first time in this read through! Fast forward to #36 and we finally got a chance to see the full cover.

This brings me so much joy. That cover represents everything about OiNK to me and I can’t wait to share its review with you in a couple of days. The OiNK! Book 1988 is the best edition of Uncle Pigg‘s comic that was ever produced. How do I know this before the review and before I’ve covered the whole run? Because it’s always been my favourite (with the recent Christmas issue being my fave regular issue) and remains my favourite childhood book to this day. It’s been reread at least once every decade of my life!

Here it is advertised alongside Fleetway‘s other annuals from 1987. I can remember it standing out so much from all of the other comics annuals on the huge display table in my local newsagent. It was a hugely exciting prospect, but even though it was there in the shop from September, as with all annuals we wouldn’t get our hands on it until Santa brought it to us on Christmas Morning. So that’s when you can expect the review of course!

The very next day, on Boxing Day, you’ll get even more OiNK in the shape of #44, the second Hogmanay issue and the last fortnightly one. It’s the end of my own personal Golden Age of OiNK (not to take away from what follows of course) and it goes out with a bang, like all years do with their fireworks and parties etc. It’s quite the festive celebration this weekend.

So when you’re full to bursting with turkey, stuffing and sprouts you can kick back, let the kids’ play new toys do their job and catch up with The OiNK! Book 1988 on Christmas Day and then see off 1987 all over again with #44 on Boxing Day. Before then there’ll be a quick message from me and Psycho Gran in the evening of Christmas Eve. The holidays are here and so is OiNK, big time!

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