Since the last OiNK Holiday Special we’ve had a few other special editions of our favourite comic, with the OiNK Crash Edition, The OiNK! Book 1988 and the OiNK Smokebuster Special and now it’s time for the latest. The second big, thick Holiday Special really stands out on its glossy paper, after the paper stock changed for the regular comic in the past 12 months. This edition has 48 pages stuffed with prime pork and was released this week 35 years ago, announced on Patrick Gallagher‘s Grunts page of #56 by the sizzling bacon that was our editor, Uncle Pigg.

That same issue contained this promo drawn by Eric ‘Wilkie’ Wilkinson full to the brim with terrible puns and a fishy take on Cliff Richard‘s summertime hit which was already 25 years old by this point, however it was still just as popular on radio station playlists this time of year. Watch out for a special bonus from Hadrian Vile after we’d just come to terms with his diary basically ending in the weekly, Weedy Willy getting some unexpected athletic workouts in, and there’s another one of those classic wordy Burp strips taking in the wonders of the universe in his inimitable style.

Also, for those long trips with the family there’s a superb board game by Frank Sidebottom, or if you prefer some quiet time you can try your hand at some OiNK puzzles to keep you (pork) scratching your head while taking a break from your loved ones on a lengthy trip to the loo, for example. The full review will be here in just two days, on Wednesday 29th March 2023. Get the sun tan lotion ready, it’s going to be a scorcher.

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