COMiNG UP: OiNK! #43

Coming up on Monday is my very favourite regular issue of my very favourite comic of all time. How’s that for hype? After a year-and-a-half of covering OiNK the best issue the team produced is here at last! Of course, as regular blog readers will attest I am a huge nut for Christmas and that might have something to do with it. That’s right, #43 is our second (and unfortunately final) Christmas issue and it’s stuffed with goodies.

We’ve got a traditional (sort of) Christmas perfume advert from Burp the Smelly Alien, the comic’s take on the most popular toys of the time (Transformers) and Channel Four‘s yearly broadcast of The Snowman, plus OiNK’s Nasty Christmas Carols! This one isn’t to be missed so make sure to click that ‘Follow’ button or do so over on the blog’s socials and I’ll see you here, eggnog and a mince pie in trotter, on Monday 12th December 2022.

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