COMiNG UP: OiNK! #42

I was at school in the 80s so wasn’t exactly clued in to the world of fashion but I did have four older siblings so I was a witness to sports jackets, rainbow leggings, jumpsuits and enormous hair. Amongst the geometric shapes and bright-as-the-sun colours was a sense of humour about it all. Fashion wasn’t taken as seriously as it had previous, or since, and OiNK was right there in the thick of things.

On the cover of #42 is a memorable image of a certain late pop sensation and a hilarious rewording of one of his earliest hits inside, a cut-out doll for you to dress up an old lady as Judge Dredd, a greasy new fashion trend ‘pops’ up everywhere and a strip about dental care had a profound impact on me as a kid! Plus, OiNK went all sty-lish itself with a new piece of merchandise that’s probably the most sought after (and rarest) to this day! The next review will be all dressed up and ready for you on Monday 28th November 2022.

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