COMiNG UP: OiNK! #40

Coming up on Monday is a highly memorable issue of OiNK, it’s the second Hallowe’en issue, #40. Featuring a simply gorgeous Ralph Shephard cover that any original pig pal will remember, I’ve my own very personal memories attached to this issue so expect a particularly nostalgic review in three days. The Next Issue promo from the previous issue set the tone perfectly for what was to come in the next OiNK!

Obviously The Adventures of Death from Charlie Brooker has to be included and it’s actually the perfect embodiment of the best of the contents with its short, sharp and hilarious strip. Indeed, the mini-strips are the very best the comic has produced thus far but they’re not the only highlights. A certain spoof movie poster by Simon Thorp will round things off and for fans it’s one they’ll not want to miss seeing again! You can check it and more out in the full review when it hits the blog on Monday 31st October 2022.

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