COMiNG UP: OiNK! #32

The next issue of OiNK will be all about the world of sports, as illustrated by Dead Fred in the promo from #31, drawn by Wilkie (Eric Wilkinson). Some highlights will include a rather grisly episode of Burp, the return of a favourite of mine in the shape of Tom’s Toe (or rather, any shape he wants), Frank Sidebottom continues to do an insane amount of work to produce a fantastic page for the readers and there’s an it-can’t-be-that-easy-can-it competition.

On top of all this physical exertion there’s the return of The Street-Hogs in the first part of Day of the Triffics (the reason behind that name is hilarious, believe me!) and the first appearance of a particular fan favourite duo you won’t want to miss. To do so would be Torture. The next real time OiNK review will be up on the blog from Monday 11th July 2022.

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