COMiNG UP: OiNK! #31

Coming up in a few days on the blog is the all-American issue of OiNK, complete with a snazzy new colouring of the famous piggy pink logo. There’s a special feature film spoof starring a giant ape-pig (no, really), some big news for Hadrian Vile‘s future, a new writer appears in OiNK for the first time and in just half a page Mr Big Nose sums up the very soul of the US of A.

My #31 is without its staples so has to be read very carefully for fear of it falling apart, but that’s not because of wear and tear from me as an overly eager youngster. No, there’s a very specific reason we were asked to take our issues apart (carefully) and it involves the return of none other than the Street-Hogs in the issue after this one! To find out what I’m wittering on about you can check out the review to #31 from Monday 17th June 2020.

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