COMiNG UP: OiNK! #22

With the ‘rona on its way out (thank you Mr. Vaccine) it’s time to get caught up with the comics I unfortunately had to set to one side while I rested up and recuperated. Very happy to be feeling well enough to write again and alongside catching up with Super Naturals #9, Jurassic Park #9 and Wildcat #10 comes #22 of OiNK, the Magic and Fantasy Special.

When pig pals see the brilliant Andy Roper cover for this next one they’ll instantly remember one of the strips inside. A fantasy adventure strip by the name of The Spectacles of Doom, it’s a serial that would return a couple more times in OiNK’s run and became quite the fan favourite. It’s worth the price of admission alone (and at 30p it’s not like they were asking for much), so be here on Wednesday 2nd March 2022 for the full review.

(This issue also contains the most quoted line from OiNK by fans. It involves a dolphin and Mr. Big Nose…)

GO TO iSSUE 22 >>

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