Hi everyone. So last week I started to get a tickly throat on Wednesday which I was able to clear with the occasional cough. No biggie. But by Thursday morning the cough was coming on all on its own and the throat felt like Jimmy ‘The Cleaver’ Smith had been tenderising it overnight. A quick lateral flow test later and…

It’s now Sunday and more comic reviews are due on the blog today and over the next two days, but I’ll be honest this thing is kicking my butt. I tried to write part of a review in advance two days ago (because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it all at once), but two hours and only a few paragraphs later my head was busting and I was completely beat. So I’m taking the advice of so many blog readers who reached out to tell me to rest up and take a break.

I’m just nipping on to say normal blog service will resume once normal body and mind service has resumed (and to show you this very unflattering photo). I’m fully jabbed and boosted and don’t want to imagine how I’d be if I wasn’t. Take care of yourselves pig pals, let’s look out for each other, continue to be kind, and I’ll see you back here soon with lots of retro comics goodness.

4 thoughts on “iSOLATiNG iN THE STY: A COViD BLOG BREAK”

    1. Thanks bloomdoc, I’m finally out the other end of it and catching up. A lot to share this week and I’m looking forward to doing so with you all. Thanks so much for your kind words, means a lot to read support for the blog!

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    1. Thanks Lew, really happy to be out the other end of it and writing again in the relaxing atmosphere of the countryside with the cat. Plenty to come this week and looking forward to sharing it all.


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