I think in the middle of this current heatwave (at the time of writing) it’s quite apt the next issue of OiNK, up for review this coming Monday 26th July 2021, is the summer edition. In these days of social media influencers and celebrity endorsements, here’ a very 80s superstar to give you her opinion on what’s to come.

So “special” was the next issue it had two promotions inside #6, from which both of these clippings have been taken, both created by Patrick Gallagher.

The next issue was also one which would end up reaching more readers through a special giveaway, and the one where some exaggerated controversy came from. The next OiNK contains a strip which is the source of another oft-told myth about the comic and I’ll be setting the record straight on Monday. So come back then for one cool comic.


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