So you’ve opened all your presents, eaten your own weight in food and want to relax on the sofa with a good book this Christmas season. The holidays aren’t over yet and this week, which some refer to as ‘Void Week’, when we lose track of what day of the week it even is, was always the time I’d start getting stuck into my annuals when I was a kid. You can carry on this fine tradition, not only here on the blog itself with the review of The OiNK! Book 1988 but also on Instagram where the real time read through of Marvel UK‘s Transformers has reached its seventh (yes, seventh) Christmas!

This post is just to let everyone know there’s another read through that’s been carrying on since the days of the original blog. For over six years I’ve been reading this wonderful comic in real time, never reading ahead, always waiting for each Thursday to roll around (the dates corresponding to Saturdays at the time) to read the next chapter in the ongoing saga of the Autobots and the Decepticons, now at over 300 issues! As always, the issues are a bit extra special this time of the year and sit alongside the hardback book Santa would bring us.

At this stage in its life the comic really is the best its ever been in my honest opinion, and from memory this final year (the comic will come to an end in January 2024) has some of the best stories, the most incredible art, the greatest characters and the biggest epics imaginable. It goes fortnightly soon which will make the wait between issues even more of a test of will power, but each one will be worth the wait, I’m positive of that.

So come on over to the OiNK Blog‘s Instagram and follow along for some of the very best comics, licenced or otherwise, I’ve ever read! The Christmas and New Year issues, as well as the annual from 1990 are the latest additions. The covers alone these next 12 months are worth the price of admission (which is nothing). The profile is public so if you don’t have an Instagram account and don’t want to sign up, you won’t have to, just bookmark this page:

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