COMiNG UP: OiNK! #37

As OiNK continues through my favourite issues each one brings with it more happy memories of reading these all those years ago (35 years ago to be precise). The next issue brings back specific memories for me, not least of which was how much I enjoyed it. Will it live up to those memories all this time later? Given how much I’ve been enjoying the main real time read through of the blog I think the odds are pretty much stacked in its favour.

In #37, the Happy Families Issue, you’ll see a surprisingly touching moment for the young trouble maker Hadrian Vile when his diary chronicles a major life moment, Cowpat County delivers one of the greatest gags in all of OiNK history, there’s a cut out (or rather, save image and print and cut out) card game and a major announcement of some new OiNK merchandise! The next review will be here on Monday 19th September 2022.

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