Coming up in a couple of days is a very unique little edition of our favourite comic, the free OiNK Crazy Computer Comic! Only available free in an issue of ZX Spectrum computing magazine Crash, it was a 16-page sampler with all brand new strips and features, released to tie in with the new computer game (which was a tie-in with the comic). I’ve already covered the excellent OiNK feature inside the magazine so up next is the main event. Below is a scan of the only time it was promoted in OiNK.

As a kid this passed me by so it’s a shame it wasn’t given a proper advert at the time, more of us may have picked it up. But I’ve now corrected this oversight and some highlights I’ll be showing are a rather different Pete and his Pimple, another gorgeous J.T. Dogg strip, a GBH Hardware catalogue and a simply jam-packed spread by Frank Sidebottom which proves just how much hard work he put into his work for the kids. You can see these and more in the full review from Sunday 3rd July 2022.


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