COMiNG UP: OiNK! #30

Remember those OiNK Awards back in #18, the first issue of 1987? The comic asked its young readership to vote on everything from World’s Biggest Wally to Most Irritating DJ. Well, the results are in. In the next issue of OiNK covered on the blog it’ll be time to see exactly what us pig pals though of the world of celebrity back in the 1980s. Better still, a certain puppet-based satire TV show steps in to help out. This one is going to be good.

Highlights in the review will also include Rubbish Man‘s own attempts at receiving an award to finally getting some recognition, Hadrian Vile breaks down famous people of the 80s for us in his inimitable style and we have an origin story for Mary Lighthouse (critic) with a special guest star. Not a surprise guest star though. This Iron Lady just had to be friend’s with Uncle Pigg’s nemesis, as you’ll see. The review for #30 of OiNK will be right here from Monday 13th June 2020.

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