COMiNG UP: OiNK! #29

Coming up next on the OiNK Blog is another musical issue of our favourite comic. Back in the latter parts of last year #16 was a hilarious pop music special and it ended up being a very unique issue. Will the next one measure up to it? Well, with a photo strip featuring the post-punk band The Mekons in a Wild West shoot-out it’s very promising, that’s for sure. Here’s the Next Issue promo, drawn by Davy Francis from a script by Mark Rodgers, taken from #28.

There are a couple of references back to the previous music-themed edition including the results of that Win A Pop Concert In Your Own Home competition. There’s also another Butcher Watch Update from Jeremy Banx which were always brilliant of course, the first of Simon Thorp‘s excellent spoof movie posters and much more, all wrapped up in yet another Ian Jackson cover. You can check out the latest review from Monday 30th May 2022.

Also mentioned in the image above is the first OiNK Holiday Special which I reviewed back in April, so make sure you catch up on that review too, pig pals.

GO TO iSSUE 29 >>

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