COMiNG UP: OiNK! #11

After twelve episodes (including the preview issue) the first epic tale for The Street-Hogs was coming to an end but they were going out with a bang(ers and mash)! Not only would their strip be extra long, they’d be on a special wraparound cover poster and the issue itself would have the theme of motorbikes, biking and general road rambunctiousness. To mark the occasion #10 had this large Next Issue advert.

As far as we kids were concerned only the most special of comics issues had wraparound cover posters (ask any Transformers fan) so make sure you’re here on Monday 20th September 2021 for the next issue in our continuing real time read through of the world’s greatest, and funniest, comic!

Before then, if you’ve missed the Street-Hogs episode featured already on the blog, you can click here to go and have a chuckle.

GO TO iSSUE 11 >>

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