If you haven’t read it yet you really should go and read the review for issue eight of OiNK. Then this next strip will make more sense! Not that issue eight made a lot of sense of course, what with the skeleton staff being in charge while Uncle Pigg was on holiday.

Seeing how many mistakes were being made (all hilariously brought to the pages of the comic), loyal assistant Percy Plop called his boss, whose response down the phone line was so furious the volume flung Percy across the room, sticking him to the wall! This madcap edition culminated in this strip near the back of the issue which acted as a full-page Next Issue promo.

So Uncle Pigg is back at the helm with a subject which on the surface might sound like it’s a bit dark for the kiddies, but they lapped it up and as you’ll see on Monday it’s one of the best yet! So come back on Monday 23rd August 2021 for the full real time review of issue nine of OiNK!

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