What better way to kick off the New Year than with some brand new strips featuring one of OiNK‘s most beloved characters. From the pen of David Leach comes two corking new stories for Psycho Gran, once more in the digital pages of Aces Weekly. One was published in issue six of the current volume on 27th December and was billed by the comic as a Christmas horror story (albeit with the usual Psycho humour), the second on 3rd January so both are available right now. I’ll tell you how you can get your trotters on them below, but first here’s a quick preview of both.

The Confessions of Psycho Gran has our former OiNK star head to the confessional in her local church. I think a whole issue of Aces Weekly could be taken up with her confessions but here the focus is on the poor priest who is there to listen and forgive. As you can see from this first page (of three) she’s taken her toll on him. Just a little bit. It’s a darker story than usual, even by Psycho Gran standards, but as always it’s laugh-out-loud funny.

The second, four-page strip is called Still Waters and takes place at the local swimming pool where Gran is enjoying a paddle in the swim lane. None of the other swimmers want to share it with her but one man isn’t having it, he’s paid for his swim time and so pushes through, jumping the entire queue and into the water. I’m not even going to hint at what comes next but it’s a brilliant final page which I personally found particularly funny, and it includes a nice nod to a classic comic star.

Aces Weekly was created by David Lloyd and Bambos Georgiou and is a digital anthology comic full of a huge variety of content from a wonderful array of talent, covering many genres in every issue. Each volume is seven weekly issues in length and you can either subscribe and have each one delivered to your inbox, or buy any volume in one go for just £6.99 (that’s only £1 per issue). The latest volume containing Psycho Gran is now complete so you too can dip your feet in the waters if you dare!

This isn’t the first time David’s creation has appeared in the comic, in fact last year both she and Lew Stringer‘s Combat Colin had further new strips appear in the landmark 50th volume, as you can read about in this previous blog post.

Get to it. Seriously, you won’t regret it pig pals!

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