What a year it’s been. Actually, what a couple of years it’s been! For a lot of us it’s been a tough one, I’m sure. For me personally I was unemployed for a lot of the year, obviously couldn’t see friends as much and have found the whole situation stressful at times. But hardest of all was losing someone very dear to me. This wasn’t related to the pandemic, but because of it I was only able to see her a couple of times in the last year of her life. However, that same person gave me the best advice anyone has ever given me in my wanting to build some form of writing career:

“Just do it.”

So I took that advice and the first step was relaunching this blog on its own domain and I’ve loved every second of it. Your feedback has been amazing, the socials have lit up and I’ve really enjoyed writing it all year, with material for several more (you’ll either be happy or indifferent to hear). With this first stage of many now settled and the blog coming along nicely, I have plans for the next one.

So even though it’s clichéd to talk about New Year plans and stuff like that, for me it’s quite accurate for once. I’m not going to go into details yet for fear of jinxing things, but if things work out then 2021 will be a year I look back on with sadness, but thanks to that dear friend it’ll also be one I’m grateful for.

So yes, I have very mixed feelings as we wrap up the year. However, with enthusiasm for the one ahead I hope we can all have a Happy New Year together. I’ll see you back here very soon.


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