It really is the most wonderful time of the year and I think I become an even bigger kid with each passing festive season. Here I am a few weeks ago (complete with pandemic haircut, now sorted out) with my very traditional Christmas tree angel as drawn originally by Lew Stringer, having a seasonal coffee in that most elusive of OiNK merchandise, the mug(!) which was a Christmas present itself a few years back from Helen Jones. I’ve just popped on here this Christmas Eve to let you know about the content you’ll find on the blog over the next few days.

Regular readers will have already read the reviews and enjoyed the highlights from the special editions of OiNK and Wildcat pictured above (you have, haven’t you?) and tomorrow on The Big Day Itself is the first and only Visionaries Annual, a book many fans don’t seem to have been aware of until now. Yes, it would’ve been released during August or September back in 1988 but let’s face it, we all got ours on Christmas Day from Santa, didn’t we? So that’s when the review will be up, followed immediately on Boxing Day with some superb, chilling ghost stories to go with the chilly weather, in #5 of Super Naturals. Not to be missed!

Not only that, you can expect the Hogmanay issue of OiNK and the next Jurassic Park on Christmas Monday and Tuesday respectively, then the next Wildcat on New Year’s Eve! Phew!

I’ll not be on social media for a few days to remind you, but I’ll be back next week to shake you from your food comas and point you in the direction of the latest OiNK Blog stuff!

In the meantime all that remains is for me to wish all of you A Very Merry Christmas, I hope you have very Happy Holidays and I’ll speak to you very soon. 🎄

CHRiSTMAS 2022 >>

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