COMiNG UP: OiNK! #13

As happy coincidences go you can’t get much better than the thirteenth issue of your comic also being the one on sale over Hallowe’en. The creators of OiNK certainly weren’t going to let this slip by unnoticed and the creepy comic would celebrate the spooky season in style with a special shivering logo and a cover by Ben Turner you just have to see!

Jon Langford‘s Next Issue promo from the pages of #12 sets the tone for what promises to be an exceptional issue. Not only does it contain hilarious themed strips, readers would also find a Tom Thug/Weedy Willy crossover and a monster movie-like spoof introducing one of the most loved characters from the comic’s entire run.

Come back Monday 18th October 2021 for the full review, if you dare!

GO TO iSSUE 13 >>

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