I know we should never give in to the bullies, the trolls, the people who think they own the things we talk about and attack us when we have an opinion that doesn’t match theirs. But sometimes we just have to look after our own mental health, you know? Last night I announced on socials I was taking a break from the blog, and initially this morning I was ready to walk away permanently. But now an outpouring of support has changed my mind. So I’m not going to let the bullies win. There’ll be no break, no walking away and I’m truly touched and feeling rather emotional today.

Let me explain what’s happened.

Yesterday I wrote about the Zzap!64 review of the OiNK game, which was all very positive, as was the one in C&VG magazine, and I myself had a fun experience with the game too. Because it didn’t tie in well (or at all) with OiNK it’s been disregarded in the decades since. I wanted to offer up a different opinion.

This was not met well on the OiNK Facebook Group.

It started off as only one individual, who saw how I liked something they didn’t and proceeded to break down every element of the thing I liked and tell me why it was terrible, and what games I should be praising instead (they know better). If you’re active on social media sites like Twitter you’ll be familiar with that scenario I’m sure. I’m of the ilk that if someone likes something I don’t I’ll either just move on and let them continue to enjoy it, or I’ll engage and have a friendly chat and swap opinions and discuss like adults.

But hey, that’s just me.

I tried to explain we’re all entitled to our own opinions but they continued. Then they started to twist what I was saying, making it out like I was the one stating they couldn’t have a different opinion to mine! Talk about projection. I clarified several times, but they continued to the point where the praise they’d previously offered up about the blog itself suddenly changed; now the blog was “condescending” and they told me not to share it on the group anymore because I’m “thin-skinned”. In reality I was simply clarifying yet again (and again) that the way they commented wasn’t necessary in order to offer up a different opinion.

Then the personal attacks came.

They continued on to the point where I was so angry I left the group (and I’ll admit I swore in one of my final comments), the group I was admin of. I was upset and angry that now my writing, my blog and my person were coming under attack after several comments from this person, and all because of a difference of opinion over a 35-year-old computer game?! I explained how it had all made me feel and their reaction was a laughing emoji. Says it all, doesn’t it?

But here’s the thing, this morning I’ve woken up to “anonymous” comments on the blog (which obviously failed moderation), as well as DMs in my FB and Instagram accounts (ironically, not Twitter) and from a few different accounts. Whether the person on FB meant for this to happen or not is not the point, the fact is that it’s happened and they started it, they opened the door to like-minded individuals who have now started on me with horrible personal attacks.

The thing is, these are meant to be pig pals! I thought our fanbase was better than this, that our fanbase was too small for this kind of thing! Well apparently it’s not. But the fanbase is definitely far too small for this to be ignored, for it not to affect me personally.

So I was originally coming on here to tell you all I was taking a break. I wasn’t even sure if the blog would return if these were some of the people who had been reading it, waiting in the wings to tear it all down when I like something they don’t (or maybe just to get their kicks now I’ve dared say all this). That’s what gets to me, they may only be a small handful of people, but they ARE some of the people that have been following the blog up to this point, because this blog isn’t anywhere near big enough in the grand scheme of things for it to be randomers.

But as I said, I won’t let them win, so the blog isn’t going anywhere and it’s not taking a break either. Their pathetic, childish, impudent comments will continue to be blocked on the blog, I wasn’t for returning to the FB group if certain people weren’t removed but speaking with so many wonderful people today who want me back, I am. It’s important we all look after our own mental health and I’ve thought long and hard about this, but when I looked past the trolls I saw all of the supportive comments, thank you so much everyone! You’ve really brought a load of joy to the day, I’d no idea the blog was loved so much by so, so many of you! Three or four trolls versus the dozens and dozens of you who took the time to reach out in support, it’s no competition!

This blog and the decent people following it (the vast majority minus a few numpties) have helped me through some really tough times this past year and a bit. So to those who attacked me just because I dared voice an opinion that differed from yours, or because I stood up to one of your ilk, you’re not welcome here and I think I can comfortably say Uncle Pigg would feel the same. There’s a reason Tom Thug was the butt of the jokes in his strips and not the hero.

As for everyone else, see ya around >real< pig pals.

(Quick update: The person that started this is now online saying he’s a victim of bullying because of this post, that I’m fragile and need mental help. I didn’t need any more proof of what I’m dealing with, but there you go. Onwards and upwards, time to mute, block and move on. There are funny comics to write about!)

6 thoughts on “~ PERSONAL POST ~”

    1. Thanks so much Stephen, yours is an example of what I referred to in the blog that’s meant to so much. I’ll be back later today with #32 of the comic! 🐽🐽🐽


  1. I agree with Stephen! Reading your reviews here and the Transformers reviews on insta are a highlight of my week! Keep ’em coming!


    1. Awk thanks mate! I really enjoy it at the end of the day and I adore doing the Transformers… can’t believe I’ve been reading that in real time, not skipping ahead, for five years now!!


  2. Love the blog and your reviews. Loved the Facebook group too as well as all your passion for Oink. I would hope that no nasty messages are coming your way. I can see that some people made comments that they did not see any trolling or bullying in the Facebook post comments. I do agree with that. I certainly hope there has not been some messaging in the background that has been rude or condescending toward you. Keep doing the good work and remember that we all see things differently. None of us will ever be on the same page about everything… unless that page is an Oink centre spread poster then, yes, we are all on the same page


    1. With respect (and I do mean that lol!) many have reached out today to condemn what was said to me in the group and agreed it was out of order and with how I described it. You feel differently, that’s fine, you’re entitled to have your own opinion about what constitutes bullying if it was against you, but I was the target of the comments and I stand by my post. And yes, there were more comments and messages outside of the group that were truly horrible from a handful of people spurred on by this. I will not tolerate that kind of behaviour. Fortunately the amount of people reaching out in support, to encourage me to continue and to make sure I’m okay has far outweighed that small group of trolls. A new comic review is up, I’m moving on now, I got off my chest what I needed to in one post and I now know the vast majority of the OiNK community are right behind me so I will carry on for them and for myself. 👍 Thanks for all your support over the years, Grover.


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