Coming up Monday on the blog is the very first OiNK Holiday Special, a 48-page feast of summery goodness featuring the return of old favourites, absolute classics from regular characters and some extra special one-off strips to make it that bit more special. This was a huge deal for pig pals. Preview issue aside it was the first extra edition of OiNK beyond the regular fortnightly and from the moment eyes fell upon the unique Ian Jackson cover fans were not to be disappointed.

These promos for the Holiday Special are taken from issues #25 to #28. The first three were all put together by co-editor Patrick Gallagher (the Tom Thug panel taken from Lew Stringer‘s strip), the final one by Chris Sievey as Frank Sidebottom. The special was released on the same date as #25.

As well as the very best Sekret Diary ov Hadrian Vile yet and the long awaited return of Pete’s Pup, look out for the most unique OiNK character yet whose strips in this edition resulted in a rather embarrassing moment in the hospital for me(!), and 2000AD fans can look forward to the brilliant The Game is Greed which is incredibly drawn by none other than Kevin O’Neill! Yes, you read that right.

The first OiNK! Holiday Special comes to the blog on Monday 11th April 2022.


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