COMiNG UP: OiNK! #16

Coming up on Monday 29th November is the 16th edition of OiNK and after all the new characters introduced in the previous issue there was one more to come, and this one would be “fantastic”. He was a regular star of children’s television at the time and I have particularly fond memories of him being part of my Saturday mornings on No.73. He also had his own show which he broadcast from his garden shed, a hand puppet version of himself, lots of celebrity friends and a jazzy showbiz lifestyle in the town of Timperley. Oh, and a papier-mâché head.

Frank Sidebottom, or rather Chris Sievey underneath, would become a regular fixture of OiNK all the way through to its final editions, his felt-tip coloured strips, showbiz news, buying guides and much more a highlight of every issue. Suitably enough his first appearance is in the music special, which features plenty of parodies and themed strips as this full-page promo shows. Don’t miss out, you can click follow or keep abreast of updates through social media (check out the menu above), the full review is in just three days.

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