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This Monday 28th June brings with it OiNK‘s take on the Make-Your-Own-Adventure books we used to enjoy so much as kids. Will you be able to escape the terrifying traps? Well, given the fact your character is a butcher in something called The Unfair Funfair, I wouldn’t count on it!

The issue celebrates the publication of the first material sent in by pig pals and the fact it seemed to be quite the hit with the youngsters of the day. Also look out for the first strips from Mr Big Nose and Horace (Ugly Face) Watkins to appear on the blog. Don’t miss out, be here on Monday!


This coming Monday on the blog the beautiful comic hosts the beautiful game. (People actually call football that, right?) Three issues down and OiNK was the comic everyone was talking about. Don’t believe me? Don’t just take my word for it, here’s an advertisement from that week’s Whizzer and Chips as proof!

Co-editor Patrick Gallagher‘s renditions of Tom Thug, Street-Hog Hi-Fat and Harry the Head joined his own creation, Head Banger to tell readers all about the World Cup Special in this ‘Next Issue’ panel from #3. If you’re wondering what the chicken man is doing here then you clearly didn’t read the review for the third issue.

The coming issue also contains my personal favourite page of OiNK out of the comic’s entire lifespan! So make sure you don’t miss out by subscribing to the blog or checking for updates on the various social media, then be here on Monday 14th June.


This Monday sees the third issue of OiNK up for review right here and it may be going where others comics have gone before, but have they ever bared their bottoms to a vacuum? The first of the regular themes that would grace almost every fortnightly issue is space, bringing with it possibly the greatest photo story action epic to ever grace the page, Space Truck! Come back to see Mark Rodgers as Captain Slog, Patrick Gallagher as Sock, Marc Riley as Jock and Tony Husband as the evil alien Jerm.

Anyone with memories of those characters won’t want to miss this. So come back on Monday 31st May for issue three of OiNK, apparently “The Cheekiest Comic in the Universe”.