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It is with great sadness that we must say goodbye to another contributor to OiNK. The news just came out yesterday that renowned 2000AD artist Kevin O’Neill passed away at the age of 69 after a period of illness. Kevin’s most famous work was definitely the likes of Nemesis the Warlock, Marshal Law and of course League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I was a huge fan of Nemesis but my first encounter with his unique style was in the pages of OiNK. Below is what I said about Kevin and his work in the OiNK Holiday Special earlier this year.

“Now, let’s move on to what would surely be the main event for many comics fans. At the time I was unaware of who Kevin O’Neill was but today I know the man as something of a legend in the industry. Drawing the image of Tharg on the cover of the very first 2000AD he would go on to produce incredible work for OiNK’s stablemate, most memorably for me the stunning Nemesis the Warlock. In 1986 his whole style proved unsuitable for the American Comics Code Authority but thankfully DC went ahead and published his Tales of the Green Lantern anyway. Later, he would co-create Marshal Law and team up with Alan Moore for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. For OiNK’s Holiday Special he drew a four-page parody called The Game is Greed, written by Mark Rodgers.

Lew Stringer was friends with both Kevin and Dave Gibbons, another legendary comic artist who’d appear in the pages of OiNK. They’d meet up frequently at London comic marts and when Lew found out Kevin was a fan of OiNK he asked him if he’d like to contribute. His first strip was actually a collaboration with Lew called The Truth About Santa for The OiNK Book 1988, then later he drew this brilliant script by Mark, but deadlines for specials and annuals being what they are this was the one that saw print first. I may not have known who he was but I adored the very unique art style and I can remember lying in bed late at night (having already read the comic that morning) pouring over all of the funny details for a long time. I’d never seen anything like this.

“Kevin’s sharp lines, exaggerated action and gorgeous colours really pop, making the strip stand out in even the quickest of skims through the issue. This is no small feat for an issue of OiNK.”

Later, when I began reading issues of 2000AD that belonged to school friends it was Kevin’s Nemesis that really stood out to me. Those strips still do and they’d be my go-to strips when I wanted to dip my toes into a little 2000AD, simply because of the art. As the obituary on 2000AD’s website says, “His death is a monumental loss for comics.”

Lew Stringer has written a piece about the sad passing of his friend on his own blog.

Kevin’s pals at Gosh Comics in London have also paid tribute in their own post.

An incredible talent, taken far too soon. Our thoughts are with his loved ones.


Last month one of OiNK‘s funniest contributors, Kev F Sutherland released his brand new podcast Comic Cuts: The Panel Show. In each weekly episode two guests each bring a panel from a treasured comic and the other guest has to describe it to the listener. Kev and the other guest (and you) will then try to guess what comic it’s from. It all ends up pretty chaotic and laughs are in plentiful supply.

As I mentioned in the original blog announcement about Comic Cuts, Psycho Gran creator David Leach was to be one of the first batch of participants and I can happily inform you his episode is now available. It’s a corker too.

David and Kev are joined by Laura Watton, a renowned Manga-inspired artist and the chemistry between the three makes for some genuinely hilarious moments. This episode features a Manga comic book series which sounds really fascinating and a panel from one of the most famous British cartoonists of all time. I just wish it had lasted longer than 30 minutes!

Listening to Laura describe the panel David brought is a real highlight. Her laughs and giggles at each new little detail she uncovers upon closer inspection brought a huge grin to my face. Plus, any interview of David’s I’ve listened to is always gripping, his enthusiasm and passion is infectious and when it’s all compèred by the nutter that is Kev F it becomes unmissable.

Some of my favourite guests so far have been Iszi Lawrence, Nigel Parkinson, Bethany Black, Nigel Auchterlounie and Laura Howell. At the time of writing there are nine episodes available with hopefully many more to come. So nip on over to wherever you get your podcasts from and search for Comic Cuts: The Panel Show now, you’ve a treasure trove of goodness to catch up on.


Appearing mainly in later issues of OiNK, Scottish cartoonist Kev F Sutherland (known simply as ‘Kev F’ in the comic) made quite the impression with his first published work. He went on to contribute to everything from Beano to Doctor Who Adventures via Toxic and Red Dwarf Magazine, and today performs as The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre and teaches masterclasses on creating comics in schools across the country.

In OiNK he drew some brilliant Rotten Rhymes as well as a selection of pun-filled one-offs such as The March of the Killer Breakfasts. But the strips he’s probably most fondly remembered for are the Meanwhile series, a random selection of stories of varying length with mundane titles such as Meanwhile in the Kitchen, Meanwhile at the Party, Meanwhile at the Ball or even Meanwhile at the Fish Market.

As you can see the end result was guaranteed to be anything but mundane. Each story would be set up in a similar way; a simple, quite plain setting which soon spirals out of control towards a hilarious final panel. Always energetic and containing a great gag Kev himself mirrors his work, and its this enthusiasm that’s at the heart of his brand new podcast, the recently launched Comic Cuts: The Panel Show.

“Every episode, the guests reveal a panel from a comic, we try and guess where it’s from, then we chat about it. Half an hour later hopefully we’ve learned something, or just shown off and had fun along the way.”

Kev F Sutherland

The premise is both original and wonderful. In each episode two guests bring along a favourite panel from a comic. It could be any comic from any genre, any publisher, any title and from any year. The other guest has to describe it to the listener, who then tries to work out if they can identify the comic it came from. Kev and the guest describing the panel are trying to work it out too and the banter along the way is always funny.

At the time of writing three episodes are available and all are as enjoyable as each other, whether you’re familiar with the contributors or not. Episode one has Kev discussing panels chosen by writer, comedian and historian Iszi Lawrence (Netflix‘s The Lost Pirate Kingdom, BBC Radio 4‘s Making History) and comedian Doug Segal.

In episode two the guests are Manga artist Sonia Leong (Marie Curie: A Graphic History of the World’s Most Famous Female Scientist, Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived) and Beano artist Nigel Parkinson (Dennis, Bash Street Kids, as well as Thunderbirds The Comic and Stingray). Then Resident Alien co-creator Peter Hogan (also 2000AD and The Sandman Presents) and comedian & actor Bethany Black round the current crop of episodes off nicely.

Kev brings an unbridled sense of joy to the proceedings

Kev has also released details of the forthcoming schedule (the man has been recording like mad, clearly) and guests I’m particularly looking forward to hearing include Beano‘s Nigel Auchterlounie (far too many Beano and The Dandy strips to count, including Dennis) and Laura Howell (Minnie the Minx, Beano Manga, The Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert & Sullivan).

But surely the biggest news for pig pals is that Psycho Gran‘s very own David Leach (OiNK and everything from Dinner Ladies From Hell to Spongebob Squarepants) has already taken part and I personally can’t wait to hear these two OiNK behemoths in action together. I’ve heard both in podcast form and they’re equally entertaining to listen to, so having them both together should make for quite the show! David will be appearing alongside anime artist and founding member of Sweatdrop Studios, Laura Watton in an episode due in early July.

Kev brings an unbridled sense of joy to the proceedings and to say things can get rather crazy at times may sound like a cliché but that doesn’t make it any less true. I mean, are you expecting anything less from this man below?

To quote Kev, “Happiness is lining up guests for my new comics-based podcast. Tomorrow I start recording with guests you won’t believe. I’m looking at their CVs and we’ve got everything from Beano to Netflix, from Radio 4 to Channel 4. One guest drew the cover of a Kaiser Chiefs record and another was in a Fairy Liquid advert directed by Ken Loach. When they were five. I’ve got a mixture of comic creators and comedians (and RSVPs from a couple of invitees I thought would never say yes, and I’m blown away that they have). I hope this podcast works and I can get round to getting all these guests on it, cos they’re amazing.”

From the initial few episodes I’d say it’s working very well indeed Kev. The format lends itself to a long-running series and I hope this will be the case. It certainly deserves to be a success. Kev seemed to announce it and then have the first episodes up within days, then to have so many more people recorded and their episodes in the bag so quickly just shows the professionalism and dedication he’s putting in to his new project.

Comic Cuts: The Panel Show is available now on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts and you can also check out Kev’s official website right here.