Well this was a treat to wake up to at the weekend! Over at Feedspot they’ve set up a little list of the 30 Best UK Comics Blogs and Websites. This isn’t simply someone listing their favourites, Feedspot uses algorithms and curated databases to aid people in finding blogs and podcasts to match any definition. These are then ranked and this is one of those curated lists.

Taking into consideration traffic to the sites, reader interactions, social media presence, followers and other factors Feedspot has come up with all of those covering UK comics and then ranked the top 30 by a combination of these factors. Quite rightly former Marvel UK editor John Freeman’s Down the Tubes is at the top spot, but I’m thrilled to say this site is in there too!

Not only that, the OiNK Blog is at number 10! To be in the company of the likes of the aforementioned Down the Tubes, Lew Stringer, 2000AD, Forbidden Planet, The i, Treasury of British Comics and Panini was enough of a shock, but to see it in the top 10 made my day! My year!

The OiNK Blog has only been going for little over a year and the amount of social media followers for example is small compared to others, so a HUGE thank you to everyone who continues to read the site, whether you’re a regular, semi-regular or just pop in now and again, thank you for interacting on socials and for spreading the love and helping the site stand out. You’re all wonderful!

You can check out the full list here.

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