Okay, so you may have noticed the promised review of the beautiful-looking Super Naturals Adventure Book didn’t appear on Sunday 13th February as planned. The very nature of this website is to read these classic comics in real time; I don’t even lift them off the shelf until I’m ready to read them for their reviews. (It takes a lot of will power at times.)

It’s the best way to read these comics but it has resulted in a bit of a problem, something I could easily have foreseen if I’d just checked all the issues were on my shelf. Why wouldn’t they be though? Well, the simple answer is a friend with impeccable good taste asked to borrow my Adventure Book last summer. She loved it, but it lapsed from both of our memories that she had it. So unfortunately we’ll have to wait a little while for the review.

Back in 1988 it would’ve been placed on different shelves than the regular comic in my newsagents, so I can just pretend some readers may not have noticed it for a while and still claim it’s a real time review, right? I jest. These things can happen, but it will be here as soon as I can get my hands back on it again. I want to be able to read it afresh before writing the review.

In the meantime, there’s plenty to get your teeth into with the reviews of all the issues so far and the big finale, #9 coming (definitely, it’s right in front of me) Sunday 20th February 2020.


  1. Crikey!!!….I thought The Doll had finally caught up with you…..good to see your back on the mend and back with the reviews….by the way I used to get Super Naturals comics from WHSmith and they used to be on the bottom rows at the back….so you had to bend down/squat and reach towards the back to get a copy….they weren’t on front display so you had to literally ‘climb in’ to get one…I used to think I would fall in one day…straight through the Tomb of Doom….that didn’t happen though…or maybe it did….🙂….anyway looking forward for your next review

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    1. Thanks Chris for all your support for the blog! I think I was lucky as a kid that my local newsagents had such good shelving that nothing was ever hidden like that. You could see everything! But I know what you mean, I see it in supermarkets all the time nowadays. Next Super Naturals review is tomorrow (Tuesday 1st March), hope you enjoy!


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