COMiNG UP: OiNK! #20

Tomorrow on the blog the next OiNK review explodes on to your screens with #20, the War Special! War? As a subject for a children’s humour comic? Yup, and every single strip (bar one) takes the theme and runs with it! From a brilliant front cover by Wilkie and his strip about forgotten war pigs, to a hilarious spoof of wartime movies by Davey Jones and Jeremy Banx‘s Mr Big Nose to sing us out, it’s not to be missed.

Not that you could miss it of course. It’s not like it’s only going to be on the blog for a day. It’ll be there forever for you read. But I’ve digressed ever so slightly. There’s also the start of a brand new multi-issue comedy adventure strip called King Solomon’s Swines which is bound to bring back many happy memories both for readers of OiNK in the 80s and for fans of 80s adventure movies.

Be here tomorrow, Monday 24th January 2022.

GO TO iSSUE 20 >>

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