Last month one of OiNK‘s funniest contributors, Kev F Sutherland released his brand new podcast Comic Cuts: The Panel Show. In each weekly episode two guests each bring a panel from a treasured comic and the other guest has to describe it to the listener. Kev and the other guest (and you) will then try to guess what comic it’s from. It all ends up pretty chaotic and laughs are in plentiful supply.

As I mentioned in the original blog announcement about Comic Cuts, Psycho Gran creator David Leach was to be one of the first batch of participants and I can happily inform you his episode is now available. It’s a corker too.

David and Kev are joined by Laura Watton, a renowned Manga-inspired artist and the chemistry between the three makes for some genuinely hilarious moments. This episode features a Manga comic book series which sounds really fascinating and a panel from one of the most famous British cartoonists of all time. I just wish it had lasted longer than 30 minutes!

Listening to Laura describe the panel David brought is a real highlight. Her laughs and giggles at each new little detail she uncovers upon closer inspection brought a huge grin to my face. Plus, any interview of David’s I’ve listened to is always gripping, his enthusiasm and passion is infectious and when it’s all compèred by the nutter that is Kev F it becomes unmissable.

Some of my favourite guests so far have been Iszi Lawrence, Nigel Parkinson, Bethany Black, Nigel Auchterlounie and Laura Howell. At the time of writing there are nine episodes available with hopefully many more to come. So nip on over to wherever you get your podcasts from and search for Comic Cuts: The Panel Show now, you’ve a treasure trove of goodness to catch up on.

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