The February roundup is up on the OiNK Blog’s YouTube channel and you can watch it right here. I show you the behind-the-scenes work I’ve started, take you over the posts published and have a brief look forward to March, all with lockdown hair.


  1. Hi Fella,
    Great to come across this magazine being getting another deserved tribute. I bought the first copy and many more. Still got them all because they were treasured to me then. Great humour that many other kids didn’t get, probably because their parents wouldn’t let them….ha ha. Well I delivered that to them in the class room, playground, school assemblies and in the dinner halls so they didn’t miss out that much. Really gave me something to attach to that was like minded. It was what was going on in my head so when it came about I used to beg my mother to invest for me. She did as well……I reckon she used to read it. Think I remember my dad reading it a few times and saying “I’m just gonna to make sure it’s alright for you to read” then turning to my mum and giving it the look of a blagger. Didn’t know I could see him through the gap in the door where the hinges are.Thanks to all the illustrators and writers, you lot made my day every time without fail. Believe me I needed it because not much else was that good for me then. Jokes were bang on the button and had me cracking up. Couldn’t wait to go outside and go nuts with pals. Nice one…..but if definitely has effected me…………I’m now a multi murderer……..Not really………Just a better comic.
    I know that you know this is only a flying visit and you don’t know me from Adam, but
    If you ever need a good joke writer then let me know. Id love to be apart of something like that no problem. Or even help with your project. You can call me on my 1980’s Pinneaple phone as I do have one ( no dial just square buttons).
    Kind regards
    Paul Ryan


    1. Hi Paul, well I hope this isn’t just a one-off flying visit and that you’ll hang around as the site grows and the read through of OiNK starts next month! You’re not alone in how you saw OiNK, it really is responsible for my sense of humour to this day. It’s held up so well to this day I heartily recommend you track some down if you haven’t already. Thanks for the comment and hopefully it won’t be the last, Phil.


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