In 1986 I was introduced to the world of collecting comics thanks to piggy publication OiNK! From there it took off for several years before magazines for my Commodore 64 took over. Then, in 2010 the sad passing of Chris ‘Frank Sidebottom‘ Sievey on the news left me wanting to relive some of those childhood memories. By 2013 I had an almost complete collection and OiNK! cartoonist Lew Stringer suggested I read them in real time. Soon I was blogging about them, every fortnight on their original release dates and I loved every single minute of it.

When I neared the end of the run I started writing about the other comics I’d collected in the late 80s/early 90s and soon I was also covering them one at a time in real time. But last year the Blogger site started to crash. I’d wanted to turn my linear blog into a website with many different sections, all easily navigated. It required reworking some of the code operating the blog and I don’t think Blogger took too kindly to that. So I figured the time was right to move to a better provider. Hence I’m now on WordPress.

When I started the original blog I couldn’t have known how it would grow and retrospectively trying to change it into something more complex clearly wasn’t going to work. So here I am, starting from scratch. Why from scratch? Well, why not? It’s OiNK!‘s 35th anniversary this year, I’ve got better technology with my equipment at home for scans and photos and a better website provider to build the site I’ve wanted.

So with all the tools I’ll need I’ve decided to go right back to the start and relive those comics all over again and yes, I’m doing it all in real time. I won’t be waiting until the piggy pink publication is over before the others join the fray though, they’ll be appearing alongside it. OiNK! itself will enjoy a brand new set of reviews, the other titles will be getting a kind of ‘Director’s Cut’ of their original reviews, while I’ll also be adding in one ‘new’ classic comic at a time over the coming years.

It’s already starting out as a bigger project than I had in mind back in 2013 so I’m excited to see where this one leads. It also comes complete with social media accounts on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, where I’ve found people also like to comment and converse about the blog’s posts.

So come on in and join the fun pig pals!

4 thoughts on “SO WHAT iS THE OiNK! BLOG?”

  1. I am looking to complete my oink collection.
    Got rid of all my comics a long time ago and totally regret it.
    When finsnces allow, slowly rebuilding the collection.
    Already got all if wildcat including the free gifts, although the winter special eludes me.
    Now on oink, then I will move on to collect others such as buster, eagle, mask, whizzer and chips, ring raiders, school fun, jackpot, wow, whoopee, etc!!

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    1. That’s going to be quite the collection when you’re done there, Andy! Sine you like Ring Raiders, Wildcat, Mask and Eagle, may I also recommend Super Naturals! It was created by the same editor Barrie Tomlinson and is a gem of a forgotten comic!


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