Last year the latest comic to join the fray at The Oink! Blog and Beyond was Marvel UK‘s Visionaries, the first story of which was titled ‘The End… The Beginning‘. It turned out to be quite the prophetic name to start off the final real time read through of the old blog. For some time I’d been considering a sort of fresh start, but had been struggling with the mechanics of that on a linear blog I’d built up over seven years when there hadn’t been a plan for the future. For the final two months of 2020 the old site also started to crash on an almost daily basis (2020 obviously hadn’t finished with me yet).

The temperamental Blogger ended up giving me my answer, to move to a new site provider and just start again from scratch.

The original fresh start idea came about initially because 2021 is the 35th anniversary of the blog’s namesake, OiNK. I’d thought of going back and replacing the old scans for a while because they now looked so blurry and grainy compared to the newer ones, simply because the technology I used had moved on. Plus I like to think my writing had improved, although maybe that’s wishful thinking. I’d definitely found out a lot more about the making of the comic, so I was going to go back and add these things to the original posts, but now something better is on the cards.

These two disparate things, Blogger’s crashing and OiNK’s anniversary have come together and the end result is a brand new site, with a brand new provider (WordPress) and even its own domain. The spine of the new site will be the new read through of OiNK itself, in its ‘Director’s Cut’ form, with all of the other classic 80s/90s comics being read alongside it, rather than waiting until after the piggy publication has been covered. It’s all going to come together as a much more cohesive site with an actual plan and you’ll get to see the beginnings of this over the next few weeks as logos and menus start to appear etc.

Basically, to use the vernacular of the modern world, this is going to be OiNK Blog+ and it’s going to be a great ride. Hopefully you’ll join me.

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